The 8 Best Places to Teach Abroad in 2019

Many teachers long for a bit of travel, cultural exploration and volunteer abroad opportunities. Unknown to many of them, teaching English abroad is an excellent way to accomplish this. Tefl groups can help them prepare for an occupational adventure.


The country Georgia is an excellent location for English teachers abroad. The pay ranges from $180 to $300 per month and usually includes paid housing. In Georgia, private lessons are where the majority of the income comes into play. Private lessons can range from $10 to $30 per hour, and there is a high demand for these private lessons. Georgia is an underrated nation with many advantages. These can range from fascinating culture and friendly people to surprisingly fertile earth that grows superior produce.



Indonesia is one of the more popular locations for traveling English teachers. Working as an English teacher in Indonesia usually requires a college degree and TEFL certification. Work visas are exceptionally easy to get in Indonesia. The cost of living is very low, and the people are very enthusiastic about teachers. This enthusiasm about teachers and learning could be considered one of the most valuable perks of teaching in Indonesia.



Teaching English in Colombia is an easy combination of sightseeing and teaching. The cost of living in Colombia is extremely low and English teachers can make between $500 and $1,000 each month. Degrees are not required but may be useful, and class scheduling is very loose and non-formal compared to English classes. This lack of formality can allow teachers to live a very loose and relaxed lifestyle at work and play. Columbia has a very rich social life for vibrant and friendly people.



Teaching in Portugal is an experience unlike any other. Portugal is a well-developed country with higher requirements for English teachers. The trade-off is that there are many positions available and the lifestyle is very rich in tourism, history, and exquisite food. Equally high wages balance the high cost of living. This allows for a comfortable and interesting stay.



English teaching positions in Germany are surprisingly common. While Germany has an excellent structure and level of sophistication as a country, they remain open and eager for more English teachers. Like Portugal the living expenses are high but salaries more than makeup for that. The skills required to teach English in Germany are a little higher than most positions in other countries. Along with the excellent opportunities for exploration in Germany teachers can enjoy easy access to the rest of Europe.



English teaching positions in Taiwan have expanded dramatically in the last few years. Teaching salaries have increased and are currently around $1,500 to $2,000 per month plus a bonus at the end of the teaching contract. The demand for teachers in Taiwan is unusually high. Teachers are highly sought-after people are enthusiastic about them. The location of Taiwan also makes it a great place to teach. As a port of trade very close to China it reflects many Asian cultures in addition to sporting an impressive and extremely unique culture of its own.



China is one of the ideal teaching positions for English teachers. In China, teachers are highly respected and very well-paid. A salary of $1,500 to $2,000 per month it’s fairly common. There are plenty of other bonuses like housing and other teacher programs for transportation and sightseeing. Parents take a keen interest and their children’s education and show a great deal of respect for the teachers facilitating this education. China is a popular destination with teachers regularly coming and going on one-year or more extended teaching visits.



Teaching English in Japan is an excellent opportunity. Japan combines rigorous requirements for teachers with one of the highest salaries. Regular salaries for English teachers in Japan range from $2,000 to $2,500 per month. There are many positions available all through the year for English teachers in Japan. Many of these positions are designed to supplement Public School classes. Japan is often ranked next to or above China as one of the most sought-after teaching locations abroad.

3 Ways to Help Your Kids Be Excited About Their Homework

There’s no denying that many students have an issue with doing homework, and that issue is that they lack motivation. The lack of motivation may come from a variety of factors such as boredom, stress, preoccupation or plain old work overload from having it in so many classes. The key to developing homework motivation is to try to get them to stop thinking of it as a laborious task. Here are three ways that you can help your kids get excited about homework:

Turn It Into a Carnival

You don’t have to literally hire dancers or clowns, but you can do some things to spice up the event so that they think of it as a fun event instead of something to dread because it strips them of having a good time. One idea to make homework fun and invoke a sense a motivation is to let them do it with one of their best friends or a group of study friends. Allow them to laugh and joke with their friends as they are brainstorming and trying to get their projects done. You could even serve pizza and refreshments to make them more comfortable while they are studying together.


The children are probably used to being in an environment in school where they don’t get a chance to talk to their friends and just enjoy being kids. This can be their time to hang out, and they won’t hate their homework because they’ll be getting the chance to talk to each other, have fun and even help each other.

Get the Family Involved

Some children need more time with their families or with specific family members than they are getting. This could be the perfect time to increase the family togetherness as well as the bonding between members. There are a couple ways that you can do this, but the best way to do it is to get everyone involved in the homework assignments. For example, let’s say your child had to study for a test on Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare isn’t everyone’s favorite writer, but your family could increase the “cool” factor of this assignment by doing some role play to help your child remember things. You could even have a competition where you pass the Romeo and Juliet study guide questions around and ask each other such questions. You could all compete for a prize, and the one who gets the most answer right could win it. This plan may work because it has two motivators. The child gets to do a fun activity with the entire family, and he or she may win something, as well.

Milk Their Reward System

Finally, if you have to pull out the super heavy artillery, you may have to hit up their brain’s reward system by giving them incentives. Some of the most common homework incentives are personal praise, money and special parental approval for desired events.


Money is a great incentive, but you have to be careful that you don’t lead your child to believe that he or she should always receive money to do things that need to be done. Personal praise is just letting the child know that he or she is an amazing student, a great child and that you appreciate the effort that he or she is making. The approval incentive is similar to the money incentive except you’re letting the child do something instead of paying money. Approval could be for something like a party or a concert that the child wants to go to attend.


As you can see, there are many little tips and tricks that you can use to make your child’s homework something enjoyable rather than something they want to try to postpone until the end of time. You can start by trying any of the above-stated methods on your kiddos. They may work for you the first time.

Why an eReader Is Worth Your Business Investment

A few years ago there were a lot of competitors in the eReader marketplace. Companies were vying for supremacy in both the hardware and software market. As time went on, the winners ended up being one hardware manufacturer and several software manufacturers.


The hardware manufacturer, Amazon, ended up creating customized eReaders that are able to surf the internet and do all sorts of other tasks. At the same time, the software makers that created applications managed to put eReader software on every type of operating system and device, making it easier for people download and try several brands to find out which one works best for them.


Here are some good reasons that an eReader is worth your business investment:

Standardization Is Here

You may think that with several types of eReader available, it would be hard to ensure that there would be enough books that would match the proprietary file type that each company had created. Fortunately, this time when companies created eReaders, they worked with the publishing companies and software companies in order to create eReaders that can read the most standardized file types. In addition, rendering pictures that are contained in files is now something that all eReaders can do.

The Price Is Right

Since the 1980’s many software project books have used an eReader as an example of the type of product that you could build. eReaders have therefore captured the imagination of programmers for a few decades. When they first started out, it was a little costly to use them because they were running on proprietary software on top of proprietary hardware. Today, it has become much better for consumers because the cost of the top packages that are downloaded is free. The market has shifted from requiring payment for applications to requiring input or feedback from the customer base.


Of course the cost of books hasn’t really changed. It may be a little cheaper to download a book on a digital license, but you will want a good book store that retains your license with your order history, or you will end up having a system like your mp4 collection. With ebooks or mp4 collections- when you lose your tablet because it is broken or stolen, it can take weeks to replace your collection because you don’t have a list of all the titles that were yours that were digital.

Purchase Anywhere, Download Now

Although you might find that the bookstore that you use online is a little annoying when it comes to purchasing a book and allowing you to download it right away, you can certainly be anywhere in the world and have an Internet connection and download a book that you have borrowed or bought.


Your business can then keep a library so that your titles are available to new employees that haven’t read the same titles that experienced workers have read. If you end up getting needing Their Eyes Were Watching God Quotes”, you can run a filter and ensure that your library contains the materials that your buyers intended.


eReaders started out being software and hardware that cost a few hundred dollars per person. Today, you can download the cheapest software for free, making it easy and inexpensive to organize your business library. The primary cost, therefore, is for the books that you add as you go along. If you are a larger company, you can often arrange to pay a lower rate by joining a club or syndicate that allows you to try books out for as long as you would like them.